New Project!

Been in freelancing hell for the past 2 quarters, finally~ time to work on the next mobile project.

Project Name: Packventurers *Not final

Macro Brief: A Tinder like open world adventure with tile-matching inventory battles.

Dev Method: Cerny Method 

Current Dev Progress: 

  • Week 6 (Mid Jan 2017)
  • Still in Pre-production phase
  • First Playable Progress
    • Tested core game with a few friends, looking good in terms of usability, hook.
    • Tinder adventure system partially done, not tested yet with quests creations, map movement.
    • Art direction not finalized, technology tested (.SVG to mesh vector pieces)
  • Macro GDD
    • Character/Movesets/Exotic mechanics documented
    • Rough level count/structure, needs charting out
    • Macro chart not finalized

Next Dev Milestone:

  • Week 8 (End Jan 2017)
  • First Playable
    • Flesh out quests variety with Tinder system adventure
      • Quest length and investigation.
    • Inventory progress linked to quests
    • Art direction
  • Macro GDD
    • Level structure/count, and chart laid out

I hope to launch at Q2 2017, ideally 2 months Pre-production, 4 months Production. With lessons learnt from Synchronicles, I am executing this project in a much more thought out manner.