Pre-mortem Evaluation

Just pushed out 24th November build earlier and tested it, and I thought I should post a pre-mortem just to reflect, before the final hurdle.

It's been near a year since the conception of the game ( the first post on the dev blog is Dec 5th 2014, after an impulse attempt to start it. ) Here's a rough timeline:

Dec 2014 - Concept Mocks
Jan 2015 - Alpha prototype
Feb 2015 - Job commitments
Mar 2015 - Prototyping on spare time  
Apr 2015 - Purchased Spine software for art assets
May 2015 - Art preproduction  
Jun 2015 - FX tests
July 2015 - Job commitments ( project's last push )
Aug 2015 - Job contract ended. Full time project commitment
Sep 2015 - Assets grinding
Oct 2015 - Assembling assets and building launch.
Nov 2015 - Vacation @ Japan. Back for last push.

Looking back, there are weeks I regretted mucking around, self-doubts aplenty. Ideally speaking, I should just spend 6 weeks to pull it off. Even now, I look at today's build and I'm still don't think I can pull the rest of it off. It is so easy to call it quits now, and I am no stranger in pulling plugs for the past few years...but not this time.

Finish up the following and we are good to launch!
- Units animations
- Skills FX
- Environment rendering
- Stage Data
- Advertising/Marketing ( Facebook pages/Press kits/Review emails )