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Inventory management + Puzzle Battle Adventure

[Canceled Project]


Scratch your daily puzzle itch with Overlap, a free-to-play title with a simple puzzle concept.
72 handcrafted levels, Time Attack mode and Random Stage mode.

Our Services


Concept Art/ 
Production Art

We can deliver both concept and production art, tailored to your desired output format.
Characters, backgrounds, illustrations etc.
Customers include Marshall Cavendish Education/ Nonstop Games/ Gumi SG

Mobile App/Game Development

Currently 7 years experience developing with Unity, we can deliver interactive mobile apps swiftly, art and code, all from scratch.


Not sure if your game idea can be translated into an actual game?
With our decade long experience in games industry, we can help refine your idea test out with quick ongoing prototypes. 
We also practice this "Capture-the-Lightning" phase in our own development to affirm our ideas.

UX/ UI Design

UX had risen to be a make-or-break factor even in games development over the years, and we will always be studying current user behaviors and trends to stay relevant.
As such, we believe we can help in your solutions' UX with regards to your audiences' needs.
We also provide UI design and production services tied closely to your UX design.