Dev Update

Summary for 2016 Q2

  • Experimented with multiple prototypes, testing with a weekly swap and review system.
  • Spent the first 4 weeks working on 4 different prototypes core game each week.
  • An ATB RPG, a 2D platformer, a top down shooter, and a word game.
  • Spent the next 4 weeks designing and building their meta.
  • Stopped on the word game and platformer, both are too hardcore for mobile.
  • Spent 2 weeks each on ATB RPG and Top down shooter.
  • After evaluation on development capabilities, the top down shooter seems a more achievable project, aiming for barebones.

This development method keeps things fresh, though at the expense of a full quarter, and still with zero income 3 quarters into it, the road ahead on the mobile platform looks uncertain for Panko. Can we develop a fun title? Can we market it? Can we sustain?

What's the studio branding? What should Panko be known for? I'd been thinking hard on these. Am still thinking...  

Marcus Lin

Studio Panko, Singapore